Being in the art industry you might be well aware of names such as Gerhard Richter or a Jasper Johns whose paintings are being auctioned at millions of dollars. We at myDNArt understand the pain of artists who have a hard time in finding a platform to display their work and earn a modest living.

We know you want to share your art pieces with the world. We know that you want to make it a part of someone else’s life. That is why we have created myDNArt.

myDNArt is not only online platform for art exhibitions where you can display your masterpieces. Whenever a buyer visits our website, they can go through your work and purchase whatever they like. 

We understand that with each painting you create, you leave a part of yourself behind. Though we aren’t strong enough to do that, we at least are thoughtful enough to value that.

This is why we help you to sell your paintings not only on our platform. We know that your painting cannot be valued in numbers. But we do our best to bring to you the due reward of your hard work.

We respect the passion with which you have created your painting. That is the reason we ensure perfect working system of our website. We have made it extremely efficient and accessibleSay, for example, check our registration process! It is just so simple. You can create your account with us for free in less than a minute.

Our Webpage has a brilliantly designed dashboard. Here, you can monitor all your profile activities. You can manage your artworks and do a lot more. Also, we have ensured that we use a safe payment gateway. We make sure that the complete transaction made between you and the buyers is made in a carefully monitored way.

Apart from this, if you have any problem, you can feel completely free to contact us anytime you need. Our website has a separate portal using which you can reach us. However, we have tried our best to clarify all your doubts on our FAQ page. Still, if there is anything else, contact us without hesitating. We will solve your problem immediately.

Your creativity gives us a vision. Your passion gives us motivation. And that is why we keep working hard to do the best for you!

Finally, we thank you for making this world prettier.

Communioart Ltd.